Imagine if the doors of opportunity were thrown open and your only choice was which path to take. Now imagine the doors of opportunity being closed to you…and locked. For many young minority males, that doesn’t take all that much imagination. It’s too often the reality. Transitions/Men of Tomorrow is all about making sure that young men get the keys to open doors.

We don’t hand them out. No one can do that. But we can show how they are made and how they work. We can help today’s youth make those keys for themselves and use them when they are grown men tomorrow. We do this by raising awareness. By teaching needed skills.

Transitions/Men of Tomorrow forges economic keys, social keys, cultural keys, and spiritual keys.

What would you do with the keys to the world? Which doors would you open? Which path would you take?

Do you have the keys?

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There is a difference between doing something and accomplishing something.

For twenty years, Transitions: Men of Tomorrow has been doing a lot. We work hard with our young men to guide them in developing the life skills needed to be responsible, productive adults. They are facing educational, financial, social and spiritual challenges. Our schools, churches, and other community organizations all have a tremendous challenge. Men of Tomorrow acts as a partner by providing the young men with unique educational experiences and activities. That’s what we do.

What we accomplish is reflected in the lives of the hundreds of boys who have transitioned into men with our help. Every step they take to make their lives better – and the lives of those around them- is testimony to what we accomplish.

As Founder, Cassandra Jenkins received a Vision for the organization and programming. Transitions: Men of Tomorrow was developed and incorporated in 1989. We have partnered with parents, guardians, teachers, churches, schools, social service agencies and other organizations to support and assist minority males as they transition from youth to manhood. We all know that reaching a certain age does not ensure manhood. Successfully going through the transition with focus and supported experiences with life’s challenges is critical to accomplish desired outcomes. We have helped hundreds of young men and we are committed to helping hundreds more in the years ahead.

As a volunteer organization, we are grateful to our Board of Directors, Co-Participants, Donors and others. We welcome the support of all in what we do and, more importantly, in what we accomplish.


William & Cassandra Jenkins


As a charitable organization, we are in need of financial assistance. We actively seek grants from corporations and foundations in the area. Additionally, we value the contributions of individuals be in terms time or money. To help, please click here or contact us using the contact info given below:

Men of Tomorrow
P.O. Box 090734
Milwaukee, WI 53209
(414) 335-1149

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